Promoting Inclusion in Education

In a Special Class in an Integrated Setting (SCIS), children with Individual Educational Programs (IEPs) learn side-by-side with their typically developing peers, with staffing of both special and general education personnel. Related Services such as Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy are provided on site. Children and their families get the advantages of the expertise and services of NYCCD as well as those of the collaborative partner sites.

SCIS is a New York State Education Department approved, and New York City Department of Education Committee on Preschool Special Education-funded placement. It is available at no cost to families of children with IEPs. NYCCD’s SCIS programs are collaborations with well-established community based preschool programs for a truly inclusive experience.

Partnership with Grand Street Settlement

NYCCD partners with Grand Street Settlement at two of its community based programs. One site is on the Lower East Side, Manhattan and the other is in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn. Both sites have the same class structure. There are up to 10 children with IEPs and 10 children without IEPs per class for a total of 20 children per class.
Each class has a Special Education Teacher and Teacher Assistant from NYCCD as well as a General Education Teacher and Teacher Assistant from Grand Street Settlement. This makes the ratio of children to adults of 5:1.

Partnership with The Child Center of NY

NYCCD partners with The Child Center of NY at their site in Corona, Queens. This is a smaller class with no more than 15 children. There are up to 7 children with IEPs and 8 children without IEPs.
There is a Special Education Teacher and Teacher Assistant from NYCCD and a General Education Teacher from The Child Center of NY. Like with our other two SCIS sites, the ratio of children to adults is 5:1.

NYCCD & Grand Street Settlement
1825 Atlantic Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11233

NYCCD & The Child Center of NY
34-10 108th Street
Corona, NY 11368

NYCCD & Grand Street Settlement
294 Delancey Street
New York, NY 10002

"We could not have made it through the pandemic without all the groundwork that was laid by your teachers during the time before it."
"We feel that due to NYCCD and Grand Street Settlement, our child has had exponential growth. She did not lose ground with remote learning and has in fact, flourished during the pandemic."
"NYCCD has done a wonderful job of passing the information and suggestions on to the related service providers so our child could have a level of consistent learning for them across all areas."

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