Committed to Enabling Every Child to Reach Their Potential

In a nurturing and vibrant environment, our preschool offers highly individualized educational and therapeutic services to children including clinical consultation by a nationally renowned expert in early childhood psychology and education.

Our classrooms are rich in learning opportunities and are tailored to children’s individual needs. Therapeutic services, including speech and language, occupational and physical therapy, and mental health services are an integral part of our school.


NYCCD’s team of devoted multidisciplinary professionals actively engage each child recognizing their unique strengths and challenges to help them to reach their full potential.  By encouraging active and curious exploration through play, we create a school environment that leads to confident, capable and joyful children.
At NYCCD, relationships are the center of our work.  We strive to help children develop secure interpersonal relationships that provide the foundation for all growth and see families as a valued member of our team. Our team of experts seek to employ the latest research and best practice in our educational and therapeutic interventions. 

Our Classrooms

In a class of 8 or 12 children, we believe that learning occurs within warm and supportive relationships with adults and positive social interactions with other children. Children are supported by emotionally responsive adults who engage the students in thoughtfully designed curriculum.
Our Bilingual Spanish Classroom is led by a teacher with a bilingual education certification. We follow a dual language model where concepts are taught in the dominant language first and then in the new language. 

Our Curriculum

Our highly skilled teachers have dual certification in special education and early childhood education. All children are valued, and neurodiversity is respected. Learning centers are the core of our curriculum.
We encourage children to explore, play and experiment at each learning center that consists of open-ended activities.  The centers are equipped with expansive and fun materials at a child’s developmental level to meet their individual learning goals.

Family Support &

NYCCD recognizes that families are important and central to a student’s development. NYCCD offers a wide array of family support and services throughout the school. Our dedicated Parent Outreach Coordinator leads our parent/teacher association, school fundraising activities and our fun family centered activities. 

Additional services include parent support groups, parent counseling, training and workshops. 

Therapy Services

Our related services staff consists of licensed speech, occupational, physical therapists and social workers. The therapy team addresses the student’s physical and sensory motor, language, social and emotional development.

Following a transdisciplinary model, therapists actively collaborate to optimize students functioning within the school setting.

Speech and Language Therapy

Speech and language pathologists address social communication, play skills and receptive, expressive language.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapists address fine motor skills, visual motor/perceptual skills, activities of daily living, play skills, sensory integration and regulation.


Physical therapists address gross motor, strength, endurance, stair negotiation, balance and coordination skills.

Mental Health Services

Skilled psychologists and social workers provide a range of services to families and children, including counseling, family training and family/caregiver support groups.

“Our child loves going to school. She is continuously surprising us with all she learns each day."
New York Center Parent.
“I am humbled as well as grateful for all the NYCCD team does for my baby.”
New York Center Parent.
““Thank you for challenging her. Thank you for the creativity and joy you all infuse into learning.”
New York Center Parent.

“We have marveled at our child's progress, and the passion and skill of the staff.”
New York Center Parent.
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